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Vessel heads

Antonius is a leading producer of complex shapes, vessel heads, cones,
expansion joints and other special products in exotic and special materials.

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Pressure vessel head

We provide clients with various shapes of pressure vessel heads.

Segmented Head

A Segmented or segmental head can have any shape like Elliptical heads 2:1 / Elliptical heads 1,9:1 / Korbbogen heads / Kopperhead.

Heads and cones

These specifications vary considerably per market, country and customer. We are familiar with design codes as ASME, EN 13445, AD-2000, Norsok and many more. With our in-depth knowledge of all kind of material grades, the best welders in the industry and our special machines we can produce high quality products in all common and special material grades and sizes!

Pressure Vessel heads


Hemispherical Head


Special 3D shaped parts


Segmented Head




Expansion Bellows


Our expertise

Antonius is great at making all kinds of complex vessel heads. But that's not all; we're also really good at designing unique shapes and designs for companies that need them. Thanks to our skills, we're active in lots of markets and have plenty to offer. Check out what we can do for you below.

Vessel head

Antonius leads the pack, boasting deep expertise in all sorts of material grades and housing the industry's top welders. Our unique machinery enables us to craft top-notch products in every standard and special material grade and size you can think of!


Day in, day out, a wide range of products rolls out from Antonius, heading to markets near and far. We serve a broad spectrum of clients, from those making pressure vessels and tanks to engineering companies, and many others in between. Find out where we make our mark.


Beyond mastering engineering, Antonius actively delivers a wide range of services, ensuring a comprehensive solution for producing your product. Dive into our capabilities and discover what we can do for you.


Antonius guides you forward in product design and market entry. We address manufacturing challenges head-on and provide our clients with the optimal solution!

Crafting creativity


Antonius Art & Architecture is a specialized division within the Antonius group where artists of metal sculptures are leading. Antonius is a producer of complex shapes, vessel heads, cones, expansion joints and other special products in special materials.

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