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Hemispherical Heads

Antonius is specialized in the manufacture of vessel heads in various shapes and materials.  Our production facilities are equipped for a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, precisely matched to the desired product. Of course, depending on the type of material.

Hemispherical Heads have a radial geometry, where the head depth is half the diameter. These storage heads consist of two pressure heads that are placed against each other back to back. This helps to create a storage looking sphere, which stores with ease materials at high pressure consistency. Hemispherical heads consist of thinner heads than shells and use a standard code 3:1 that taper during the changeover. In most cases, hemispherical heads are constructed using welded sheets rather than flat sheets which are predominantly used in other head types. Therefore making the hemispherical heads the thinnest head, as well as one of the most costly types. These heads are favored for applications that require large diameter vessels or high-pressure storage.

We can produce these heads in a diameter ranging from 200 to 1800 mm in one piece and in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 120 mm. Bigger diameters will be made from segments with unlimited dimensions.


HEMI-Spherical head

The HEMI-spherical shape is the shape what is the best shape to resist the highest pressure to construct as thin as possible. Due to the HEMI-spherical shape the volume of the tank, when using the same building length, will be slightly lower as when U use a other shaped head (Elliptical, torispherical or Korbbogen head). This shape is used in very high (internal or external) pressure equipments.

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