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Manufacturing for progress

We work with innovative companies on engineering and product development aimed at manufacturability and control of costs. Our extensive knowledge of materials  and production techniques ensures tailor made, profitable products and a quick time-to-market.

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Our distinctive facilities and advanced software technology for 3D shaping enable us to actively provide our clients with an extensive range of head types, without any restrictions on diameter sizes.

Manufacturing for progress

Antonius is a customer oriented marketleader in producing complex 3D shaped products.

At Antonius, we have been expanding our engineering and project management capacity to be able to fully support our customers from their development process on. We provide the manufacturing expertise necessary for the development of manufacturable products. Products that can actually be manufactured in the correct timeframe and for a competitive cost. Our experience with manufacturing large and complex metal shapes and assembled products makes us the ideal partner for companies that lack internal manufacturing expertise or capacity.


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Our expertise is often key for companies who are preparing to launch a new product. Want to know why?

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Our expertise

Antonius excels in creating diverse and complex vessel heads, but we also specialize in crafting intricate shapes and designs for companies in need. This expertise allows us to be active across numerous markets and offering a wide range of services. See below what we can offer you.

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Antonius is a leading producer with in-depth knowledge of all kind of material grades, the best welders in the industry. Our special machines can produce high quality products in all common and special material grades and sizes!


Every day, an array of diverse products departs from the gates of Antonius, destined for both domestic and global markets. Our clientele includes manufacturers of pressure vessels and tanks, engineering firms, and a variety of other customers. Discover the markets where we are active in.


Beyond our engineering expertise, Antonius provides a comprehensive suite of services, enabling us to deliver a complete service package for the production of your product. Discover our capabilities and see what we can offer you.


Antonius helps you take the next step in product design and take your product to market. We tackle the manufacturing challenges and help our clients with the best solution!

With pride and admiration, we look at the innovative companies that are working on much-needed solutions in areas such as energy and transport. These companies are investing all their time and effort in developing their products and securing our future. But great innovations are often not so manufacturable by design, making a product more difficult to produce, not economical or delay a well-timed market introduction. How do you prevent innovation from stranding at this stage?

Antonius operates at the cutting edge of production and engineering and helps you develop a production-ready product. We are able to smoothly integrate into your (supply) chain and add significant value to each phase. We deploy our knowledge of materials and production processes to ensure that your product will be both affordable in terms of products costs and ready for production at the required time. If needed, we are also happy to take over large parts of the production responsibilities from partners who lack the capacity or simply want to focus solely on product development. We make sure that manufacturing works for you.

Together with our partners, Antonius works on feasible progress, unique products and applications that can change the market.


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