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Making a difference in customer support, renewable energy and by adding value

How do you make sure the right product reaches the market at the right time? Sales Engineer Ralph Giesen works with customers from different European countries on the manufacturability and production of vessel heads and other critical components. His focus lies on expanding the range of services Antonius offers to existing clients while developing the companies position in markets such as renewable energy and marine applications. In this article, we discuss how Antonius expertise is making the difference for both new and existing customers.


Vessel heads for renewable energy storage and applications

For Antonius, one important growth market is renewable energy. The storage of hydrogen, liquid air or any other type of storage or pressurized process relating to a more sustainable use of energy is a field we can add a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to. Our work for a wide range of markets and applications makes us the ideal partner to figure out the practical side of the challenges this market faces right now.

Sales Engineer Ralph Giesen completed his studies in mechanical engineering before continuing with technical business administration. He joined Antonius in 2015 to focus on clients in the Benelux market. Today, Ralph is also representing Antonius in Poland and the Czech Republic. But during his studies, he did not see himself as a salesman:

I always thought of salespeople as smooth talkers, and that’s just not me. But at my first job I quickly realized you just need to be able to read people, figure out their needs and convert that into a good offer. I am not the guy that forces something on people, I enjoy working with them. When that clicked, I also realized that at that job I missed the technical aspects I so enjoyed during my studies. Luckily, that was something that I later found plenty of at Antonius.

Download: Renewable energy and carbon capture

Using our experience in tanks for the transition to renewable energy in carbon capture and storage.

    Increased service

    Antonius is expanding its services to clients from all over the world. Many clients are going through changes that result in decreased inhouse capacity for engineering or logistics, for example. We are developing to fit that role and offer those additional services to clients:

    Our knowledge of engineering, production and complex logistics, especially for the larger size products that we make for markets such as renewable energy, marine applications and oil and gas, is highly sought after by our customers. We are not just manufacturing the product or part, but we also help them with packaging, transport, and documentation. The fact that we can take care of the entire project, from specification to delivery, is an important factor for many clients.

    And we often go even further. What we call manufacturability can be a crucial step that determines market timing and competitiveness. This phase is part of engineering and it’s when our project engineers are making your product or application fit for (at scale) production. We consider the materials that are or should be used, production technologies, production time and many other factors to help you determine which version of your product you would like to bring to market.

    Working with Antonius

    When we ask Ralph, What is unique about working with Antonius, he smiles and shares:

    Well, I think we have a diverse team of people. I can be fairly direct and have a goal in mind, this can sometimes give some friction but, in the end, we go homewards with a smile. What the team at Antonius has in common is our open attitude toward technological developments and our willingness to add our technical expertise and experience to such new opportunities. We love to be able to help clients improve their designs in terms of manufacturability or even application and have very deep knowledge of materials, production methods and certain markets that is often invaluable.

    Would you like to know more about working with Antonius? Please contact our sales team through sales@antonius.nl or +31(0)475 439 000.

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