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Why do we develop products for the renewable energy market?

Pressure vessels are at the core of storing and transporting renewable energy. Whether it is at a ship, at PtG locations or at transfer stations, pressure vessels are necessary every step of the way. Antonius has been manufacturing vessel heads for decades and has a wide range of experience with (exotic) materials, shapes, building codes and construction. For this new and rapidly developing market, Antonius is helping companies develop applications to store and retrieve compounds effectively. Working with Antonius, companies can confidently move their proven RES process forward and work on getting their solution to market. But our work is not limited to the production of pressure vessels. Antonius has been expanding its services and is now offering engineering and project management services that add significant value for our customers. By working directly with process engineers, for example, we provide invaluable insight into the manufacturability and consequences of design choices concerning, among others, material selection and construction. Together, we arrive at the optimal design for the specific renewable energy storage solution that is being developed. Which means that your product will be produced more cost-efficiently and has a good time-to-market. 


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