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Working at Antonius: Inside Sales Representative Jonathan solves puzzles

What is it like to work at Antonius? We delve into this question with Jonathan Blommers, who may be the perfect person to answer it as he has only been with Antonius for a few months. His experiences with the company and the team are fresh, his recent appointment is still vivid in his memory, and he is actively progressing in his role. Curious about Jonathan’s impressions of his time at Antonius so far? Read on to find out!

Inside Sales Representative at Antonius

Inside Sales Representative at Antonius

Jonathan joined Antonius’ inside sales team in March of this year. On a daily basis, he handles a diverse range of tasks, from processing orders to implementing process improvements. “I manage incoming orders, which includes assessing their completeness and ensuring that the requests align with our production capabilities.” Additionally, Jonathan actively contributes to process enhancements, such as making the ERP system and the assessment file for the technical aspects of projects more efficient.

Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys playing padel, tennis, and fitness. He also takes pleasure in engaging in various activities with his girlfriend and has a passion for cooking. At Antonius, he can mainly make use of his love for mathematics.

Technical Challenges and Puzzles at Antonius

Jonathan studied mathematics and previously worked as a planner in a technical company. He came across the vacancy at Antonius through an employment agency. Despite not yet possessing all the technical knowledge required, he is drawn to the challenge. “In my previous role, I felt a lack of common interest and challenges. At Antonius, I am constantly mentally stimulated; I learn something new every day, which suits me perfectly.” As Jonathan puts it, one should always strive to expand their knowledge. The mathematician in him, who thrives on solving puzzles, finds great fulfillment in his work at Antonius.

What does a puzzle at Antonius entail? For Jonathan, it involves gaining technical knowledge, deciphering and comprehending documents, and piecing together the puzzle of executing a profitable project that meets regulatory and customer requirements while optimizing the capabilities within Antonius.

Friendly Work Atmosphere and Autonomy

When asked about the learning process at Antonius, Jonathan highlights that he feels he has made significant strides in his technical knowledge. “Partially at my own request, I was given a considerable amount of autonomy from the start. During the initial two weeks, I observed and received guidance from a direct colleague, and then I took charge of working on the files independently. This primarily involves problem-solving, seeking clarifications, and learning from challenges. It allows me to quickly identify areas for improvement, and receiving honest and constructive feedback in a friendly manner has been highly beneficial.”

Jonathan further describes the working environment at Antonius as amiable. While everyone is serious and dedicated to their work, there is always room for humor and banter. Every team member’s voice is heard, and they have the opportunity to contribute. Discussions can sometimes become intense due to the high level of involvement, but they are always handled in a positive manner. Moreover, Jonathan appreciates the freedom he enjoys. “Although I have a set of tasks, I have the flexibility to structure my day and shape my own development. Currently, my inclination leans more towards the technical side rather than sales. It’s the mathematician in me; I will always choose numbers.”

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    How is it to work in a technical production company?

    When asked about his experience working at Antonius, Jonathan provides a clear response: he enjoys it. The team dynamics are pleasant, the challenges make the work engaging, and the production environment is awe-inspiring. “This is my first experience working in a company where the production area is right next to the office, and I find it absolutely fantastic. The aroma when they cut metal, the dedicated individuals, and the impressive products fills me with a sense of pride in Antonius.”

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