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Vessel heads for beer tanks of world’s second-largest beer brewery

Updating the second-largest beer brewing facility in the world is a huge project that requires the construction of beer tanks with a diameter of 8,7 meters. Antonius is manufacturing the vessel heads that will be used for the beer tanks of the famous Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado and a newly built plant in Ginchi, Ethiopia (Kegna beverages). Why did these companies select Antonius and how does the Dutch manufacturing specialist ensure that each vessel head arrives at the site on-time? In this article we talk to Dave van den Bosch about Antonius work for beer breweries.


The global beer market is developing rapidly. Traditional markets are growing steadily but beer is increasingly consumed in markets that have seen disposable income growth. Even though Covid-19 caused an initial, temporary drop in beer consumption, researchers expect the market to continue its growth trajectory. Beer is well-positioned to benefit from the growing appreciation of no/low alcohol beverages, it was the only segment to grow during Covid-19. Additionally, beer companies are offering more options than ever before.

Vessel heads for beer tanks all over the world

Antonius is known all over the world for its ability to manufacture vessel heads for beer tanks and, as such, is working on vessel heads for several facilities. Currently, companies in the Americas and Africa are expanding their beer production capacity. Our ability to work at scale, breweries require beer tanks with diameters starting at 8 meters, is unparalleled. Our full-service approach, including worldwide transportation, makes us the partner of choice for companies looking to build or upgrade large scale brewing facilities.

Vessel heads for Coors beer brewery in Golden, Colorado

The famous Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado is the second-largest beer brewing facility operating in the world. The Coors brand is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the launch of the brewing company in Golden with a 400 million dollar overhaul of the plants facilities under the project name G150:

G150, scheduled to stretch into 2024, will completely overhaul the infrastructure between the company’s Golden brewhouse and the packaging facility at the massive plant. New, more-efficient fermenting, aging and filtration facilities will be built.

With the updated facilities, Molson Coors is shifting focus from its well-known lagers to a wider variety of beers to better meet the changing consumer demand.

In total, the new facility requires 118 beer tanks of which 40 will have a diameter of 8,7 meters. Through a well-known tank builder, a German-Dutch consortium, Antonius was awarded the contract for the manufacture of vessel heads for these large tanks. The consortium itself will manufacture the smaller tanks. Dave says:

Antonius has been working with this client for years and they know us well. We are unique in that we are able to manufacture these vessel heads out of a single, 76 m2 sheet of stainless steel at a consistent, high level of quality. Additionally, they know that we are also able to arrange the subsequent packaging and transportation as an integral part of the manufacturing process. They know that when our products arrive on-site, the only thing that is left to do is to start assembling. The product always meets the requirements. About 300 tons of stainless steel will be used to manufacture the various vessel heads.

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    Key Facts

    Key facts about this project:

    • 420 tons of stainless steel
    • 3.650 m2 sheet metal
    • 48 heads of 8.7 meters of largest beer tank

    Beer tanks for Brewery in Ginchi, Ethiopia

    For the construction of a beer brewery in Ginchi, Ethiopia, Antonius will not only provide the vessel heads for every single beer tank that is to be constructed but will also provide the cones and transport structures for each.

    Antonius extensive track record, quality and reliability are key for our tank building customers, says Dave van den Bosch. These multi-year projects depend on our ability to deliver. With over 320 tons of stainless steel to be transported, over sea, our vessel heads are key to getting these large production facilities operational.

    Vessel head logistics and packaging

    Antonius service is more than the manufacture of high-quality vessel heads. Supporting structures, packaging and transportation are key parts of what we offer to our customers. Located in Maasbracht, Netherlands, our plant is situated at the water and with the right infrastructure available to transport large products to anywhere in the world. Rotterdam, with the largest port of Europe and one of the largest in the world, is only 150 km away by water and Maasbracht is the largest interior harbor of the Netherlands. We ship our vessel heads and other products to the farthest corners of the globe.

    Key for transporting these large products over sea or land is packaging. Not only will our products be mounted on specially crafted pallets and packed in a seaworthy fashion, specific lifting instructions will be provided as well. As Dave tells us:

    Customers know that when they take delivery of products bearing the mark of Antonius, they can get to work as soon as the packaging is off. That’s our standard.

    Would you like to know more about Antonius capabilities and services? Please contact our sales department to schedule a meeting or call. They will be happy to discuss your needs and expectations.

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