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Production of a hot blast stove dome: a special 3D shaped head

Antonius is specialized in the manufacture of vessel heads in various shapes and materials. Our production facilities are equipped for a wide range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses, tailor made to the desired product. This case story shows the production of a hot blast stove dome.

We build all kinds of vessel heads

Antonius is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of vessel heads and contributes regularly to projects in a wide variety of markets. Antonius has established a first-class reputation as a provider of customized vessel heads in various shapes and materials. This reputation is founded on the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship we build into all-metal shapes and solutions we provide.


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    Special 3D shaped vessel head

    When our client won the tender for a challenging construction, with on-site installation, they needed a partner to make their design come to life. The challenge: how can we make it all happen using as little material as possible through a practical and high-end manufacturing process.

    With a six-month deadline already in sight Antonius needed to design and produce custom-made press molds good enough to deliver the right result in one heat pressing with as little time-consuming rework as possible.

    In creating a practical manufacturing process for the end product, a test assembly is crucial. Multiple welding methods are being applied to ensure the best result. And even if dimensions are huge, every millimeter counts. A one percent deviation in the 10 meter object results in a difference of several centimeters which is far above the tolerance level.

    On top of that there were many challenges to be faced in terms of logistics, building space and the weather conditions as metal reacts strongly to temperature changes.

    With an eye for detail

    Very few companies dare to take on a challenge like this, but with close calculations, the best specialists, the power of precision and a grand total of over 10 000 man hours we managed to pull it off. A giant solid structure with specifications accurate to the centimeter, installed on time and on location. A beautiful example of high-end craftsmanship in the digital age of the manufacturing industry.

    Would you like to know more about our approach, or do you have a challenging project for us in mind? Please contact our sales team at sales@antonius.nl or call +31(0)475 439 000.

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