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A special case: the segmented head

Antonius is specialized in the manufacture of vessel heads in various shapes and materials. Our production facilities are equipped for a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, precisely matched to the desired product, depending on the type of material. This case story shows the production of 12 very large, segmented heads.

The segmented head

Antonius is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of vessel heads and contributes regularly to projects in a wide variety of markets. Our metal shaping expertise, especially when working with larger diameters, is the foundation of our reputation as a dependable manufacturing partner.

Our equipment allows us to shape the largest sheets of metal up to a certain thickness. Beyond that thickness we need to construct our heads out of multiple parts or segments. The number of segments and diameter of the central cap are depending on availability of material sizes, effective material nesting and the maximum size of the tooling. Antonius produces and engineers the tooling in house.


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    The segmented head challenge

    The case: a very respectable pressure vessel specialist from the Netherlands needed twelve new vessel heads for big tanks used for the shipping of gas. They needed a partner that left zero room for error.

    Our aim was to deliver a superb end product in accordance with very strict specifications. While working closely with the client and the appointed third-party inspector we succeeded in doing just that.

    But how do you create, control and transport nine-meter steel objects weighing thirty-three tons a piece? Antonius is one of the very few companies worldwide able to handle a job like this. Creating a custom-made mold for hot pressing the parts of the vessel head, marks the start of this 18-month monster project.

    A head this size is assembled from several parts. So apart from the heavy weight that we had to move around, a lot of space and a specialized machine park are needed. We created a construction area in our production plant especially for this project. Though the end product is huge, specifications leave little room for tolerance. A one percent deviation in an object of almost nine meters, would result in a difference of almost a centimeter, way too much for an airtight vessel transporting liquified gas.


    Antonius is proud to have faced the challenge once again. By creating twelve huge and heavy objects demanding almost zero little tolerance. Delivered on time, on location.

    This is where we add value with craftsmanship in the digital age.

    Would you like to know more about our approach, or do you have a challenging project for us in mind? Please contact our sales team at sales@antonius.nl or call +31(0)475 439 000.

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