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Expansion bellows manufacturing for (heavy) industrial applications

Why are expansion bellows such a specialized part? The manufacturing of expansion bellows is one of our most extensive processes due to the number of steps in the manufacturing process. In this article, we look at the use and application of expansion bellows before considering, in detail, the manufacturing process. You will learn what distinguishes Antonius approach and why we are known worldwide for our high-quality and consistency.

Expansion Bellows model

Expansion bellows are the product that generally lands on the largest number of stations in our production facility. Our specialized expertise and tooling for cutting, construction, metal shaping, heat treatment, and turning lathe is key to creating the high-quality expansion bellows that Antonius is known for worldwide.

We produce expansion bellows with a diameter of 500mm up to 4.500mm and with a thickness of up to 25mm.

Expansion bellows use
and applications

The most common application of expansion bellows is in a piping system to absorb the impact of changes in pressure, temperature, or vibration. Another well-know application is the use of expansion bellows in heat exchangers. They are either installed in the heat exchanger itself or in the pipeline connection to allow for the absorption of the movements generated by the thermal contraction and expansion and pressure fluctuations. An expansion bellow typically consist of minimum 2 equal parts as you can see in the picture. Depending on the application you need 1 or more sets of these half-bellows.
While expansion bellows or expansion joints, you can use both designations, are used in a wide range of applications, Antonius generally focuses on manufacturing expansion bellows for (heavy) industrial applications.

Generally, our client provides us with the exact drawings of the required expansion bellows, including the specific design codes to which the entire installation is to be build. They have considered a wide range of variables such as pressures, medium, temperatures, and vibrations but, most importantly, have determined how many cycles the expansion bellows will have to contract and expand. This is a complex calculation completed by the client’s process technology engineer. The client knows that they can count on Antonius expertise and experience to deliver the consistent, high-quality that they require.

Part of an expansion bellow made by Antonius

Expansion joints and bellows manufacturing process

Depending on the size and thickness of the material, the parts will be coldformed or hotformed and, when necessary, undergo a heat treatment. To make these shapes we can use partly our standard machines but for a large part of this production we use custom machines and custom tooling. Our extended experience in making these bellows have resulted in these custom-built machines and tooling.


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    Expansion bellows manufacturer

    Expansion Bellow Sideshot

    Antonius is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality expansion bellows for a wide range of (heavy duty) applications such as heat exchangers, piping systems and process technology in general. Our ability to manufacture expansion bellows with a diameter of up to 4.500mm is uncommon, if not unique, especially when combined with the option for a thickness of up to 25mm.

    Every once in a while, clients contact us with special requests. One such request was for us to manufacture a large expansion bellow with a thickness of 45mm. Our decades of experience with the manufacturing of expansion bellows as well as cones and vesselheads makes our team able to handle such requests. If you have requests that fall outside of the listed ranges in terms of thickness and diameter, please contact our sales engineers directly.

    Expansion bellows price

    Manufacturing expansion bellows is a highly specialized activity with a wide range of variables determining the eventual price of the parts. To help our customers with their inquiry, we have prepared a checklist that helps you by providing a list of all the variables that come into play. Visit our dedicated page about expansion bellows to download that checklist.
    Would you like to know more about working with Antonius or do you want to talk to one of our sales engineers? Contact our sales team at sales@antonius.nl or call +31(0)475 439 000.

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