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Antonius Quarterly, Rob Derix

As you are accustomed to from me, in the Quarterly, I always take a moment to reflect on the past quarter. This time I will look back on the full year 2023 and share my outlook on the new year, markets, and developments. I notice that there are many parties seeking new partnerships, and I express the hope that this Quarterly contributes to dialogue and new connections.

Looking back on 2023

Despite a strong order intake, Antonius had a challenging year in 2023. This was mainly due to the integration of new staff to meet the increased demand and the resulting higher personnel costs. It was the first full year after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the organization needed time to “readjust,” so to speak, according to Rob Derix. Despite this, we closed the year with a positive feeling and, importantly, with a well-filled order book for the beginning of 2024. We look forward to 2024 with a lot of energy and confidence after such a “adjustment year.” It is reassuring to see stabilization in the labour market and the commodity market. This provides peace and space in the business landscape.


The undercurrent in the market is moving in several sectors. We are doing well in Scandinavia, particularly in offshore. Renewables, including Hydrogen, seem to be slowly gaining momentum. I find the food and beverage sector somewhat calmer than in the past. Actually, our diversification is quite broad, which is an advantage, preventing us from being too dependent on one or a few markets. However, we have focused our strategy on two aspects. Firstly, we will strengthen our focus on the EU as a geographical market, and secondly, on how we want to collaborate with partners, based on partnerships.

To begin with, the geographical focus on the EU. This market is large enough, and there is a lot going on. “Especially in Eastern Europe, I see a lot of movement, partly due to the growth in those markets themselves and partly due to the desire for nearshoring.”

I strongly believe that partnerships with our clients and other parties in a network are the future; we need to combine our strengths to enable innovation. We need to collaborate to remain competitive. I see this transformation gradually happening; we are evolving from a supplier of vessel heads, cones and expansion joints to an organization that truly thinks about engineering and feasibility. Our positioning, “manufacturing for progress,” still stands strong.

Download: Renewable energy and carbon capture

Using our experience in tanks for the transition to renewable energy in carbon capture and storage.

    Carbon Capture

    I truly hope that this market is now gaining momentum. We are on the radar of many key companies in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Personally, I see Carbon Capture as a good solution in the transition to cleaner energy, to take significant steps in reducing CO2. Therefore, in 2024, we will be present as exhibitors at events around this theme, such as Hydrogen fairs in Rotterdam and Hamburg. We will also attend other fairs where these and other themes are relevant, not as exhibitors but as visitors.


    Antonius is one of the two companies holding this certificate specifically for the Norwegian market (for certain products). This involves quality assurance for our organisation and calibration of our equipment,. Because we are certified according to this standard, we have been able to deliver some nice welded duplex products . Soon, we will publish two extensive articles that delve deeper into the NORSOK standards.

    In conclusion

    I wish everyone, our clients, partners, and colleagues a beautiful and successful year. If, based on this message, you would like to get acquainted or discuss a partnership, I would be very happy to hear from you!

    Best regards,

    Rob Derix – Commercial Director, Antonius Vessel Heads

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