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A look back at ACHEMA 2022

Two weeks ago, the ACHEMA took place. It is the leading international event for the process industries in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Over 2.200 exhibitors from 50 countries were present, including Antonius. We talk to Rob Derix, commercial director, and Dave van den Bosch, sales engineer, who, just as the rest of the Antonius team, is looking back with great satisfaction. We talk to them about their experiences.

All equipment manufacturers in one place

“Despite the fact that there were 30% fewer visitors and exhibitors compared to the previous edition, we look back on a very successful Achema! We have had very valuable conversations with both prospects and existing customers and the first requests for proposals have already been received,” says Rob Derix.

The ACHEMA is the place to be when it comes to process technology. Almost all equipment manufacturers active in the chemical industry are present at one place. For Antonius, this product-market combination is key; this has been our core business for years. If we zoom in a little deeper on the developments, we noticed that there is a returning interest for local fabrication of chemicals and subsequently of course also the manufacturing of the equipment. This reshoring process is a consequence of difficult supply chain issues with i.e. China. With this development Europe will be able to keep manufacturing knowledge in our own countries. We welcome this development.

Well prepared for the ACHEMA

This time we have chosen to make as many contacts as possible in advance. In our opinion, this is the way in which we should approach participation. As a result, we left for Frankfurt with a full agenda. We estimate that 70% of the valuable contacts, well over one hundred in total, that we made were established in this way.

“The fact that our stand was well attended is, of course, a bonus,” Rob Derix tells us. “In addition, by participating, we have shown our face and also managed to strengthen the relationship with our existing partners. In short, we will be there again next year, and probably then we will do something bigger!”


New discoveries

We already have the feeling that, with our many years of experience, we have a very good picture of all the companies that are relevant to us. At least in the EU. For the most part these are equipment manufacturers active in one or more markets such as chemical, food and beverage or oil and gas. Of course, we hope, and fortunately that is the case, that they also know Antonius as a reliable supplier. But at the ACHEMA even we met a handful of new equipment manufacturers!

“For me the ACHEMA was a big playground with halls full of wonderful companies. Mostly from Germany and Austria, two of the geographical markets I serve. I not only enjoyed many interesting conversations and business opportunities but also many cups of coffee and, as it should be, a beer or two from noon onwards. I look back on this edition of the ACHEMA with a very good feeling and the necessary new energy” – Dave van den Bosch – sales engineer Antonius

To conclude

The prices of raw materials and energy continue to rise, and Antonius is also very busy filling its vacancies. But despite that, we also see and feel part of a very resilient and innovative industry. If we enter into dialogue with each other and continue to do so, as partners in the supply chain, then we look to the future with optimism. The ACHEMA has contributed to this!

Rob Derix and Dave van den Bosch, Antonius

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