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Navigating the Hydrogen Frontier: Antonius at Bremen’s Trade Expo

What was our experience of the Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Europe Expo in Bremen? Antonius was thrilled to be one of the over 600 exhibitors at the pre-eminent trade fair for Hydrogen Technologies and Carbon Capture. With more than 300 international speakers and over 15,000 attendees converging to discuss and explore the latest in engineering solutions, advanced materials, manufacturing equipment, and infrastructure, the event was nothing short of insightful. In this article, Rob Derix, Antonius’ Commercial Director, shares his thoughts.

Looking Back at the Expo in Bremen

Reflecting on the expo in Bremen, there were certainly some interesting observations that stood out. During the event, our discussions were engaging and diverse, involving professionals from various countries such as the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Czech Republic, and France. However, it was somewhat surprising that the German professionals we had expected to connect with were not as prominently represented as we hoped.

Another aspect to consider is the level of information dissemination at the expo, which, in comparison to the World Hydrogen event in Rotterdam, might have appeared less comprehensive. The World Hydrogen event in Rotterdam offered a high density of information and a seamless exchange of knowledge.

While there were these contrasting aspects to our experience at the expo, it’s important to remember that such events provide valuable insights and opportunities for growth. The diverse interactions we had with professionals from various countries could lead to promising collaborations and the exchange of innovative ideas, even if we had hoped for slightly more local German engagement. Additionally, we can continue to seek knowledge and inspiration from events like the World Hydrogen event in Rotterdam to enhance our future endeavors.

Trade Fairs enhancing overall experience?

My suggestion to the event organizers is to continue enhancing the overall experience. Shifting the focus towards the conference aspect, in addition to providing space for exhibitors, can bring about more substantial benefits. It’s evident that this expo, now in its third iteration, has been growing with each edition. Maintaining a focus on the conference can keep the event fresh and relevant, avoiding a return to the ‘old’ trade fair approach. This way, participants can continue to gain knowledge, make meaningful connections, and contribute to the advancement of clean energy technologies, which is the core objective of such events.

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    Valuable Connections

    Did we make valuable connections? We certainly did. Not only did we expand our network, but we also engaged in intriguing discussions.. We met engineers working on CO2 pressure vessels. We met business developers who also see a lot of projects coming to the market. New collaborations are created!

    A market in acceleration

    Big players like Equinor (formerly Statoil of Norway) and BP delivered compelling presentations. These traditional fossil fuel companies are heavily investing in the transition, making genuine strides not just in cleaning up their operations, for instance by capturing CO2 at their refineries, but also in generating green energy and converting it to hydrogen. Aker Solutions, an engineering firm allied with Equinor and branding itself as a leader in sustainable energy solutions, is actively engaged with over 11,000 individuals across 20 countries. Currently, a lot of effort is being channeled into reducing carbon emissions in high-emission industries like cement and fertilizer manufacturing, with engineering firms as accelerators and leading the charge.


    This expo has provided a glimpse into the shifting dynamics of the industry, further fueling our resolve to be at the forefront of engineering solutions for a sustainable future. We look forward to meeting our new contacts again in the future.

    My team and I are also looking forward to engaging in discussions with both partners and clients about the (technological) developments, including those mentioned in this message. We are eager to explain our role and value in this rapidly evolving field.

    Best regards,

    Rob Derix Director at Antonius

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