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Proudly exhibiting at the worldhydrogen2023 summit & exhibition in Rotterdam (Ahoy, stand B54)

What does Antonius look forward to at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam? Commercial Director Rob Derix shares his views on the challenges the market is facing and how that changes the requirements for collaboration and partnerships. He predicts that collaboration, cross-sector dialogue, and knowledge-sharing will become crucial as this industry matures.

There is a lot going on in the world of hydrogen and energy storage, as evidenced by the list of participants at the event. Companies involved in the development of hydrogen refuelling stations to developers of turn-key hydrogen production factories are present, along with specialists in energy storage and compression at large industrial scale. Of course, there are also many great companies like ours, working on the production-side and wanting to contribute to the larger picture with specific expertise and feasibility.

“At this exhibition, we mainly want to have a lot of conversations in the two days that it lasts. It’s intensive, but it will definitely work. With more than 8,000 visitors and 1,600 delegates, this exhibition is truly huge. We won’t be bored; hydrogen is bubbling up everywhere!” said Rob Derix.

World Hydrogen, a big adventure

The event feels like an adventure to us, as we are also looking for contacts and companies that fit what we do. Of course, everything related to pressurized parts, round shapes, and welding is relevant to us, so I hereby invite you to talk to us to explore what we can do for each other. Our customers are also welcome, and we have already received many registrations. They are also curious about the developments in the market.

World hydrogen 2023

Focusing on partnerships

A few weeks ago, we had a meeting of device manufacturers, where production capacity was a key topic of discussion. It is precisely these challenges in terms of production capacity that require a different approach and collaboration between market players. We need to move more towards a partnership structure in collaborations, where suppliers in the EU seek long-term cooperation with clients who prioritize innovation and development. Especially in young markets like hydrogen and energy storage, partnerships are essential for business success since there are no roadmaps or blueprints yet. Only by combining expertise we will take the necessary steps forward.

Manufacturing for progress fits perfectly with hydrogen

In the long term, we will focus on aligning standards and procedures. The classic role of supplier and customer is further fading away, and if there are challenges, we want to solve them together. That is the way our industry should be organized. Manufacturing through supply chain integration, investing in each other, and making an impact together is what we call “manufacturing for progress,”. This fits perfectly with innovative markets such as hydrogen and energy storage.

In conclusion

We look forward to meeting you at the World Hydrogen 2023 Summit. As hydrogen accelerates into the mainstream energy sector, it is crucial for manufacturers and industry stakeholders to increase collaboration, cross-sector dialogue, and knowledge-sharing to ensure the rapid scale-up and delivery of a global hydrogen economy. Visit us at our stand (B54) or send us an email so we can book a meeting in advance.

Best regards,

Rob Derix – Director Antonius

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