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Antonius exhibitor at the ACHEMA 2022

With great pleasure we like to announce that we will be present at the Achema exhibition in Frankfurt am Main from the 22nd to the 26th of August. We cordially invite you to come and visit our exhibition stand. We are positively looking back on the previous edition in 2018, at which we were also present. Therefore, it is logical for us to attend the 2022 edition of the ACHEMA, the leading international congress regarding chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech research and manufacturing. In this article we will further explain why we look forward to attending the ACHEMA where we hope to meet you.

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Building relations at the ACHEMA

During our attendance at the 2018 ACHEMA we held many interesting conversations, both with existing business relations, as with prospects. These encounters gave us countless valuable insights about the market, and its developments, as well as observations concerning challenges in the field of engineering and production. Many of these conversations gave rise to a more closely knit network of business relations. We met prospects that are now loyal customers. At the time, our attendance at the ACHEMA was mostly prompted by our extensive experience in producing vessel heads, cones and other special products in exotic and special materials.

Manufacturing for progress

In recent years, in addition to extending our leading position as a supplier of vessel heads and other special products, we have also been developing a separate business unit within our Antonius brand. To ensure a clear distinction between our new and original business units, we redesigned our website. The new unit has its own environment and pages distinguished by a green ‘O’ in our brand name, instead of the original orange ‘O’. We created this new business unit in response to market demand. Countless innovative businesses develop appealing concepts, particularly related to sustainability. These concept developers often seek a partner at the forefront of engineering, manufacturability, and cost-efficiency. Antonius can offer a partnership, contributing to the profitability of these innovative companies through our extensive knowledge of materials and production techniques, ensuring a quick time-to-market. We are excited to meet talented and innovative product designers and ambitious companies at the ACHEMA. We believe it is crucial to engage with our partners early on to begin brainstorming about exciting and challenging production opportunities.

Renewable Energy

During the ACHEMA

Our modest booth and the congress floors will be represented, at all times, by at least 3 people. We will be alternating places to provide the possibility of speaking to the entire management and (sales)engineering team at the congress. Our management team will be represented by Rob Derix and Richard Hamersma. Ralf Giesen will attend the exhibition for Eastern-Europe and the Benelux whereas Dave van den Bosch attends for Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. Finally, Marco Hamersma will be attending for all other countries.

Download: Renewable energy and carbon capture

Using our experience in tanks for the transition to renewable energy in carbon capture and storage.


    We wish to shine a light on a specific market, because like many others, we see that hydrogen is essential for a green and clean (energy) future. However, many questions remain about the large-scale use of hydrogen (as an energy carrier). We expect this market to exponentially grow in the next few years. At the same time, we are dealing with a fairly new market with a shortage of readily available knowledge and experience. Especially in the field of engineering and production techniques. Therefore, we see the ACHEMA as the perfect opportunity to start a conversation and exchange thoughts, ideas and resources with parties of interest. If you are active in this market or in energy transition, we would be very interested to meet you at the ACHEMA.


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