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Leading producer of vessel heads

Antonius is a leading producer of complex shapes, vessel heads, cones, expansion joints and other special products in exotic and special materials.

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Segmented head

Antonius is specialized in the manufacture of vessel heads in various shapes and materials.

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3D shaping

With our unique facilities and software technology for 3D shaping, we offer our customers almost every type of head with no limit in diameters.

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The combination of lean manufacturing processes and our extensive machinery allows us to respond to every individual need.

Why Antonius

Antonius is a customer oriented marketleader in producing complex 3D shaped products

At Antonius, we have been expanding our engineering and project management capacity to be able to fully support our customers from their development process on. We provide the manufacturing expertise necessary for the development of manufacturable products. Products that can actually be manufactured in the correct timeframe and for a competitive cost.

Our experience with manufacturing large and complex metal shapes and assembled products makes us the ideal partner for companies that lack internal manufacturing expertise or capacity.


Antonius crafts complex shapes, vessel heads, cones, expansion joints, and other unique products from exotic materials.

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All our products are manufactured on the basis of the dimensions, tolerances and material types agreed beforehand.

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Our experience with manufacturing large and complex metal shapes and assembled products makes us the ideal partner for companies.

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Our extensive expertise in a considerable number of areas enables us to satisfy (virtually) all specifications and directives.

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Antonius knowledge place

In this knowledge hub, we address various questions that people have regarding the production of vessel heads, the materials we use, what our expertise is, and how we can assist you with design and manufacturing challenges. Choose an area you have questions about and let us answer them!


Antonius is a leading producer with in-depth knowledge of all kind of material grades, the best welders in the industry. Our special machines can produce high quality products in all common and special material grades and sizes!


Our team of 65 professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in forming carbon steels, stainless steels, nickel and nickel alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper and copper alloys, titanium and it's alloys, zirconium as well as other special materials.


We work with innovative companies on engineering and product development aimed at manufacturability and control of costs.


Antonius helps you take the next step in product design and take your product to market. We tackle the manufacturing challenges.

Our vision

Manufacturing for Progress

With pride and admiration, we look at the innovative companies that are working on much-needed solutions in areas such as energy or transport. These companies invest all their time and energy in securing our future. But because of this they sometimes lose sight of the manufacturability.

A product is then more difficult to produce, not economical or is simply brought to the market too late. How do you prevent innovation from stranding here? Antonius operates at the cutting edge of production and engineering. That is why Antonius is able to quickly integrate into the customer chain and contribute on various fronts.

In the first place, this revolves around our knowledge of materials and production processes: how do you ensure that your product will be affordable and ready to produce? We then also take over large parts of the production process for partners who lack the capacity for this or who want to focus entirely on development. This way you can be sure that your product will be on the market quickly.

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What’s your challenge?

Our expertise is often key for companies who are preparing to launch a new product. Want to know why?

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Rob Derix

Rob Derix

Commercial Director/ co-owner

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